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7-8 In-House

7-8 – Official Rules

Practice/Game Days of the Week

  • Monday OR Wednesday AND Saturday morning.


  • Each child provided with team jersey, hat and socks by program.

  • You must supply glove, cleats, and baseball pants (gray recommended). Additionally, a cup is required for those playing catcher.

  • Helmets and bats are optional but recommended: you may use team provided bat and/or helmet if you do not purchase your own.


  • Games Generally last 75-90 minutes; this allows for 3-4 complete innings to be played.

  • The first three pitches of each at-bat will be kid-pitch, after that, the batting team's coach pitches from his/her knee until the ball is put in play. Assistant coach should be placed behind the catcher.

  • Batters may advance multiple bases; a play ends when the ball enters infield from the outfield or when thrown out of the playing field.

  • The inning ends when either three outs are recorded or the batting team scores three (3) runs (whichever comes first)

  • For more info see above documents.

Field Locations

  • Hickory Elementary School (HES): 2100 Connowingo Rd Bel Air MD 21014

  • Hickory Park (HP): 2310 Ady Rd Forest Hill MD 21050

  • Shucks Rd (SR): 301 Schucks Rd Bel Air MD 21015

  • Tucker Field (TF): 630 East-West Hwy Bel Air MD 21014

  • Prospect Mill Park (PMP): 821 Prospect Mill Rd Bel Air MD 21015

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